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Ian Summerell Gunmaker

(formerly of George Gibbs Britstol)

Contact:      Tel. 01275 857991     Mobile: 0780 375 6582

Workshop: Yeovil, Church Lane, Tickenham, Nr Clevedon, North Somerset Post code: BS21 6SD

By appointment only, opening hours 10am to 4pm. 

For weekends and out of hours visits please phone for an appointment.


Latest News

My Youtube channel, Country Sports TV is sponsored by Country Cover Club. If you clink on the link below you get £3 off your first year cover.

Or you can go onto the Country Cover Club web site and use the discount code SUMMERELL20


No lead ban

Liz Truss letter to John Swift:

" we therefore do not accept your recommendation to ban the use of lead ammunition".

Read Liz Truss letter and more information on the Country Sports TV forum/lead shot forum.



All my working life I've made Rifles and Shotguns, repaired they to keep they looking like the day they where made. BUT today I find myself destroying firearms to deactivate them so they can't be used. 

Under new EU firearms directive all deactivated guns need to be checked by the Proof House in Birmingham or London. In June this year [2018] they add extra work that needs to be done before the new Euro Certificate can be granted. All de-acted guns before this with old de-act certificates will need to have work done to them to bring them up to the new regulations.

So now I'm de-acting de-acts. its work but not what I should be going.

Shotgun for sale 

Browning B2 12 Bore


AYA Yeoman 12 bore boxlock


Veals hammergun 12 bore side by side


Rifles For Sale

.22 Bnro Mod 2 E-S, 10 shot mag, 4x40 scope + sound mod + sling S/H    £250

.22 Brno mod 2, 5 shot mag, with scope 4 x40, threaded   below         £155

Parker Hale .243 bolt action, with 4x40 scope


The Art Decoying, Pigeons and Corvids

By Ian Summerell  

 My Pigeon decoying book is available on Ebay for £12 Inc P&P. 

 ?Having now read and thoroughly digested your book I can see you have learnt that pigeons don't come to order and rather than being decoyed, in the main they can often manage to fool us. But I think I can safely say it is by far one of the best and most informative 'pigeon shooting manuals' ever produced, from now on THE ART OF DECOYING PIGEONS & CORVIDS by IAN SUMMERELL will be my first recommendation to any beginners who come my way and any 'experts' who ask me for advice.?

John Shooter NPPC

You can find the National Pigeon and Pest Control web site at the link below:


PPU prvi partizan

Per 100 

(5 boxes)

Per 20

(1 Box)

A193           .22 Hornet SP 45gr



A032           .222 Rem SP 50gr



A132           .223 Rem SP 55gr



A211 2-250 Rem SP 55gr



A134 .243 SP 100gr



A161 .270 SP 130gr



A027 .270 SP 150gr



A020 .308 Win SP 150gr




.17 HMR


.22 Eley Sub sonic hollow point


(per 50)


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