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Ian Summerell
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This is the only place where you can find information regard the turmoil going on within BASC.


I feel its my duty to report what is being said in the press and on the internet. I have not spread rumours only reported the FACTs.


We have the report from the Daily Post newspaper that the police where called to the BASC HQ [the mill] and the BASC statement, it was reported on the Countryman's Weekly twitter feed that Alan Jarrret the Chairman of the Council had resigned.


My BASC insider told me Peter Glenser was the new chairman.


Four BASC staff have been suspended and it is believed that two council members have resigned in support of Mr Jarrett.


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Ian Summerell
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Alan Jarrett's resignation letter.


26th May, 2016


Dear Richard,


Following the Special Meeting of BASC Council today at which we were both present it is obvious to me that Council remains dysfunctional and unable or unwilling to take action against those xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx named in the Hill Dickinson investigation into complaints made against them by senior members of BASC.


I believe the inability of Council to take the appropriate and necessary action fails to safeguard BASC in terms of both financial and reputational damage.


I believe that in any forthcoming legal action some xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx may be found culpable and personally liable for costs and damages awarded against BASC.


Because of this I feel the only option left open to me is to resign my position as both Chairman of BASC and a member of BASC Council with immediate effect.


I wish you and your staff well for the future, and trust that despite the above BASC will continue to grow and prosper.

Yours sincerely

Alan Jarrett




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Ian Summerell
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BASC Statement June 6th


Following the resignation of Alan Jarrett as Chairman of BASC, Council unanimously elected Peter Glenser as Chairman. Mr. Glenser’s term as Chairman will end at Council’s meeting on the 18th June when a further election for Chairman will be held.

The following tendered their resignation from Council: Alan Balfour, Jonathan Garton and Alan Jarrett. Two further members of Council will be elected on the 18th June.


Peter Glenser is often described in the shooting press as the “UK’s leading firearms barrister”. He specialises in the law relating to firearms, crime and regulatory law especially in rural and agricultural matters. He is a keen shot, a member of the Worshipful Company of Gunmakers and has served on Council since 2009. He writes for The Shooting Gazette, Gun Trade News and other publications on matters concerning firearms law. He recently represented members of the Lamerton Hunt privately prosecuted by the League Against Cruel Sports. The League’s case collapsed when Mr. Glenser revealed the close links between the League and the expert witness.


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Ian Summerell
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Michael Yardley said on his Facebook page.

June 8 at 10:59pm



TROUBLE AT MILL. Personally, I think that there is a growing danger that BASC may be losing touch with a significant number of members. One hears of too many people leaving. And, a lot of existing members - too many - express dissatisfaction. There are still some terrific staff working very hard within BASC. I have found their help invaluable. But, I do think we need major reform in some areas. Perhaps, after the difficult issues have been sorted, a new, different, more open, approach may be taken. One where the members really do feel fully part of THEIR association. I think we need a new, democratic, spirit within a re-organised more transparent BASC. People must feel that the organisation represents them on issues such as lead shot. We need more open conversations on such topics too. BASC must be a broad church with room for differing points of view.


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Ian Summerell
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I got this message today by an encrypted email through a Swiss server. Who is it from, I do not know, all I have is a code name.


They have to be a member of the BASC council or High level BASC staff member to have this information.




Chairman of council resigned and resign from council

Scottish representative resign from council

Welsh representative resigned from council.

Interim chief executive Christopher Graffius

Chief Executive suspended

Director of operations suspended then resigned

Director Wales and shooting standards suspended

HR department suspended


Allegations of bullying made against 5 council members by the above members of staff.


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Ian Summerell
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This article was deleted after law action for BASC.


I reported the information and BASC statement on this subject and believe them to be true, I thought BASC members and shooters should have the information.


I do not except the request not the comment on anything.


I do not know the identity of the person who signs themselves 'B' I call them my "BASC deep throat"


The information I got came from a group calling themselves BASC Action Group, through a Swiss encrypted server, I do not know who they are.


As for the reporting on the report and quoting section of it and that it could be defamatory of individuals, may I remind you that the report was done for yourselves. So in fact BASC have defamed itself and individuals named.


I'm sorry I have to reply on this post, I have removed the article you referred to in your letter. However I am unable to reply to your letter as it is a photo copy and I can not read the address clearly.


Please take this as my reply.


Ian Summerell

Country Sports TV


PS My I remind you what George Orwell said. "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations."


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Ian Summerell
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Ref: our client requires the following from you.


1. I have removed the post on Stalking Directory and this web site.


2. I do not undertake to do anything.


3. Sorry that is no long available. It was a Swiss encrypted server and is no longer in use. I do not know the person’s name.

4. I emailed the report to country sports writers. As a country sports journalist like most journalist they do not reveal their source, the same most able to sending information to a fellow journalists. Some of them said they had already seen it. There is a 65 page report out there but I do not have a copy.


The 65 pages is a edited report of the 800 page report.

I did send xx xxxxxx the facebook message but I do not have any knowledge of the email or information sent to xx xxxxxx's employer.


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